Catalytic Converters

Verdi are proud to offer replacement Catalytic Converts for your Super Car! Got a problem with your Catalyst?

Don't panic, we can help save you money!!

Our replacement converts are tailor made to suit your vehicle and are 50% cheaper than OEM!!

Our partnership with one of the largest Catalytic Converters companies means that you are getting the best quality converter for your car.

Our partnership means that we currently manufacture the UK's largest independent range of Catalytic Converters.

We can provide a wide variety of flexes to suit all applications. There are three different types of flex available. Our Standard Flex is suitable for nearly all applications and is available in many different lengths and bore sizes. The Inner Braided Flex can be used to counteract whistling problems, while our Strengthened Flex is especially suited to applications where there is a lot of movement through the flex.

We now offer an improved range of both 100cpsi cats and 200 cpsi performance cats, which come standard with a stainless steel monolith. Having fewer cells per square inch improves the gas flow through the Catalytic Converter, and can boost performance by up to 15bhp. The stainless steel monolith gives extra longevity, especially on lowered vehicles.

We can supply a wide range of universal catalysts with both metallic and ceramic monoliths that are suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. They are available in a variety of lengths and bore sizes. All our unicats are manufactured neck-less but stubs of any bore can be welded in for a small additional cost at the time of purchase.

  • We currently hold F355 catalysts in stock, and can manufacture and install catalysts for your car within 7-10 days
  • We supply and fit, or can supply outright.
  • All parts are guaranteed for 4 years.
  • Please call us today on 07785 760606 to discuss the catalyst that you need.


A Catalytic Converter (or Cat) is an Exhaust Emissions Device located underneath a vehicle. It uses a combination of heat and precious metals to promote a chemical reaction, which breaks down harmful gases, making the emissions less detrimental to the environment.


The operating temperature of a cat is between 350 to 400 degrees Celsius. Once the cat has reached this temperature a chemical reaction occurs as the exhaust gases flow through the coated monolith. The harmful gases are oxidised and converted.


A honeycomb monolith coated with precious metals (usually Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) is encased in a steel can. Between the monolith and the can is matting. Upon running a cat in, this matting expands when subjected to heat. Once expanded, the matting holds the monolith in place.